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we create the New Normal.

ZEROWOW self-developed mechanical spraying system, using the most advanced technology and technology to replace and upgrade the old model. With the concept of high efficiency, long-term effectiveness, and safety, and cooperate with different partners to jointly develop and provide one-stop epidemic prevention services (Instant kill spray + Coating + Air purifying system + Personal protection). We take social responsibility, environmental protection, safety and health as our own responsibility. Our goal is to create a new normal post-epidemic with Hong Kong people.

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Unique ActiveAir Purification System originated from Certified NASA Space Technology. Activtek adopted the ActivePure technology for eliminating the pathogens in the air and on the surface. This technology was proven for effectively reducing over 99.9% LIVE SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on both Surfaces in 7 hours and in Air in 3 mins as tested by FDA compliant lab, MRIGlobal and UTMB & BSL and more than 99.99% various virus, bacteria, mold and fungi as tested by FDA compliant lab, Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories.


Only one in Hong Kong, US MRI Global test certification Effectively kill the new coronavirus COVID-19. Effective antibacterial-kills 99.9% of coronaviruses and influenza viruses, effectively deodorize, decompose formaldehyde, and decompose volatile organic compounds, suitable for any material (leather, cloth, man-made fiber, glass, metal), environmental protection, harmless to human skin and inhalation


Aqua Pro Tech & Zionburg are at the same time our cooperation. We also provide instantaneous virus-killing solvents and medical-grade Level 3 masks to provide more comprehensive services for small and small companies, and set specific prices for all walks of life, so that the public can have one Peace of mind, comfortable personal care.


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